SAILS Workshop III on AI, Decision Making & Law:
Roadblocks for AI, Decision Making & Law and how to overcome them



AI systems are increasingly used in decision making processes in which they are given a variety of autonomy. The degree of autonomy firstly depends on the contribution of…

SAILS is a university wide initiative aiming to facilitate collaboration across disciplines on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

By building on and expanding the existing expertise of AI at Leiden University, this project intends to advance science and improve the quality of daily life. It is one of Leiden…

SAILS stands for Society (Social & Behavioural Sciences, Humanities, Law, Archaeology, Governance & Global Affairs) Artificial Intelligence and Life Sciences and is one Leiden University’s interdisciplinary programmes.

SAILS aims to forge links between the different disciplines at the University and to initiate new academic partnerships. This could involve not only research fields such as innovative medical imaging and the hunt for candidate drugs, but also algorithms that help decision-making for instance in public administration, the judiciary or corporations. We are convinced that the future careers of almost all our students will benefit from a sound knowledge of AI. Alongside conducting research, it is therefore the ambition of SAILS to be able in future to offer an AI component in all of the University’s degree programmes.

SAILS Leiden

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